Four Practical Reasons to Hire a Professional Event Planner

You decide to plan and/or host an event; maybe there’s a special occasion, maybe it’s job related, maybe you just want to have something fancy and fun.  Perhaps you’ve just realized that the holidays are a few short weeks away and you are scouring Pinterest for ideas (it’s ok, it happens).  Most people believe that they can tackle the task of event planning on their own and that Event Planners are a “waste of money” but oftentimes it’s quite the contrary. Take a look at some of the top reasons to hire an Event Planner and decide for yourself!four-practical-reasons-to-hire-a-professional-event-planner

Event Planners Provide Ideas

You may have a grand event theme in your mind or, like most people working on an event, you have no clue where to start.  Event Planners are there to provide creative input, give you ideas and get the ball rolling on your event. Part of our job is to keep up with the latest event trends and know how these trends and other planning factors may or may not work for you. Every event has to start with an idea; Piece, Love and Sole will assist you in molding that idea into a top-notch soiree.

Event Planners Eliminate Stress

Imagine having to review contracts, scout venues, research caterers, find decor and other details of your event while going about your usual tasks at work and home. Now imagine trying to keep up with every detail on the day of your event while attempting to enjoy your special day.  As Event Planners, it is our responsibility to plan and properly produce your event.  Piece, Love and Sole offers every level of event planning ranging from comprehensive planning to on-site assistance. Either way, the stress of event planning and execution will be eliminated and you will be able to enjoy your event.

Event Planners Save You Money

As stated earlier, most people believe Event Planners are an added event cost.  Sure, there are fees associated with hiring a planner but there are things we bring to the table that can help your bottom line. It is so easy to go over budget when planning an event! Part of our job is to adhere to or stay under your budget.  Which brings us to the second way we save you money: contacts and resources.  During our tenure as planners, we have built relationships with vendors and venues, found ways to save on certain resources such as decor or invitations, learned little tricks of the trade to cut costs, and have gained experience in avoiding excess fees and charges. So instead of throwing money away, invest in someone who can make sure you get the best bang for your buck! 

Event Planners Create Better Event Results

While we all have a creative streak, events have a way of overwhelming even the best of us.  Without experience and training, we often lose track of the details while we focus on balancing daily life with the planning of our event.  Once, I had a client that actually forgot to factor food and beverage into their event before they hired me! It happens, easily. For Event Planners, your events are our daily life! Event Planners are there to support you and make your event a success.  Piece, Love and Sole will be there to make your experience as stress-free as possible, assure that you stay within or below your budget and make sure that your details are covered. After all, you will be hiring us to make your vision come to life!

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