Lipstick Confessions: Melissa Chanel

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Fab blogger Melissa Chanel is our next lipstick lover! Here’s what she had to say about her love for lipstick.  

What do you love about lipstick?  I love how it completes an outfit. 

If you were a lipstick what color would you be and what would be the name? RiRi Woo 

What is your favorite lipstick of the moment, when did you wear it last and how did you wear it? Gosh, this is a hard one. I’d have to say Candy Yum Yum, I wore it in a recent shoot for my blog with a black and white two piece outfit and it was a hit.

What made you choose this color? Because it’s perfect for spring/summer. 
What is your favorite brand and why?  Mac, they have so many options, they’re well known, and it’s always good when you have a connection. :-)   

Lipstick Confessions: Chante

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Up next in our Confessions line up is Ms. Chanté from The Closet Freaks and the other half of Closet Luxe NYC. Let’s see what she has to say about lipstick.Chante2

Hello. My name is Chanté and I’m addicted to lipstick. 

What do you love about lipstick?  I love Lipstick because it adds the finishing touch to any look that I am trying to achieve. 
If you were a lipstick what color would you be and what would be the name?  If I were a lipstick, I would be a bright bold reddish-pink and the name of my colour would be “Man-Eater”. (Haha) 
What is your favorite lipstick of the moment, when did you wear it last and how did you wear it? My favourite lipstick of the moment is combo of RK by Kiss, ‘Dark Plum Scene’ and a liner M.A.C ‘Nightmoth’. I swear my ‘Nightmoth’!! I pair it with lipstick or simply wear it by itself! The lipstick is a matte.  Lately, I’ve been experimenting with the RK by Kiss brand; I’ve invested in a handful of colours that I’ve been mixing up like a mad scientist. **Cue villainous laugh**Chante1
 I recently wore this colour out for a lunch date with my lover. I wear this colour day or night without hesitation! (Can you believe this pic was taken during the first week of June??? Yes. This weather still allows for a faux)
What made you choose this color?  I chose the colour I’m wearing because I love dark lips and I am always in search of the perfect balance of depth and intensity. 
What is your favorite brand and why?  In the department of beauty, I am pretty loyal to M.A.C and NYX. I recently discovered the brand DOSE Colors, and their colours are everything I look for in lip colours- bold, long wear, and matte; however, the downside to this brand is that they are hard to find and always out of stock on their site. (Try your luck at a Ricky’s) The other brand that I am trying to get my feet wet with is the RK by Kiss brand. They are easier to find and will not put a dent in your beauty budget! Chante3
Thanks again Chanté! Melissa from is next to confess!

June Obsessions

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Although the NY/NJ Weather doesn’t reflect it, summer is unofficially here. But the most important part of June (outside of some important birthdays) is VACATION!!! So I published this month’s obsessions in a vacay state of mind. Click the pic to shop and feel free to share your own June Obsessions.JuneObsessions

My Summer Bucket List

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June is here, which pretty much means that summer will be over in the blink of an eye. So I (and you) definitely need to take advantage of it. Every summer I make a list of things I would like to experience in and around NY, here are a few highlights from my “Summer Bucket List”. And you can check out my ever-growing Pinterest board here. What’s on your bucket list?


Yoga in Bryant Park: Sadly this has been on my list for 2 summers. It.must.happen. Why wouldn’t I want to combine my workout with awesome NY scenery? Here’s a list of upcoming dates.

WTC Observatory

Head to the top of NYC: There are two options for this list item 1) The Top of the Rock 2) One World Observatory. Either way I’m heading to the top of one (or both) to get some awesome views and pics of New York City.

North River Lobster

Get Off of The “Mainland”: Again, there are options here people but Mary from the cool blog “Mary in Manhattan” gave me this awesome recommendation. The North River Lobster Company is a boat…with seafood. Enough said. Other options include Governor’s Island and visiting a winery in Long Island.

BK Botanic Gardens

Brooklyn Botanical Gardens: Of course I want to see beautiful flowers in the midst of the NY hustle and bustle. I’ll be here this summer too.

IMG_3847.JPGAttend a Festival: I can say that this has been crossed off of the list! Check out my trip to The Roots Picnic here!