PLS Spotlight: Spring Makeup Tips and Trends

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Every time I walk into the NARS 413 BLKR Global Flagship store I’m like a kid in a candy store. (I can’t get enough of the  satin lip pencils)  On top of all of the exciting products, this store is full of awesome experts. One of these experts, Joey Esturo, has 23 years in the game. So I took some time out to chat with him about makeup tips and trends Spring and Summer. Here’s what he had to say!

What’s your favorite trend for Spring/Summer 2014 makeup?

My favorite trend for SS14 is sharply drawn lipliner taking a back seat! A slightly diffused lip line is more modern and will actually makes lips look fuller because you’re not boxing in the contours of your mouth. Use a brush like NARS #45 smudge brush to slightly soften your lipliner before applying lipstick.

When you are performing your amazing makeup artistry, what’s your go-to makeup combination? 

There are a handful of products that I always have on hand. The perfect concealer is my desert island product. I use it to spot touch, under eyes, as an eyeshadow base, as a highlighter, sheer it out with moisturizer to create a quick tinted moisturizer, even to lighten eyebrows. NARS Multiples: one product for eyes, lips & cheeks are a definite go to product for me (my favorite shades are “Na Pali Coast, “South Beach” & “Luxor”). I always tote my loose pigments with me and a pure white concealer so I can create any shade I need for anywhere on the face. junia 467x467 PLS Spotlight: Spring Makeup Tips and Trends

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Alexander Wang x H&M

The top fashion headline of the weekend was the Coachella-based unveiling of H&M’s latest designer collaboration with the amazing Alexander Wang. (Click here and here for more info on that) With this exciting news on the horizon it was only right for me to create a collage of some of my favorite accessories from the A. Wang runways over the past year. In turn, it would only be right for this collaboration to feature similar items when the collection hits stores on November 6. *Fingers crossed*


20140413 140930 Alexander Wang x H&M

Shop the Trend: Chunky Heeled Sandals

bbc image 2 467x467 Shop the Trend: Chunky Heeled Sandals

It’s time to exercise those calves and paint those toes! Sandal season is right around the corner. While fancy flats are having a big moment, heels are still in full force. One of the biggest trends for spring and summer is the chunky heel. These look just as great with a dress as they do with cropped pants or ripped jeans. Here are some to try for under $100! photo 3 493x467 Shop the Trend: Chunky Heeled SandalsClick here for shopping info!

10 Days of Spring Obsessions: Day 9

Orange-Red Lipstick: I remember the first time I tried on MAC’s “Lady Danger”…I was expecting a bold red lip but was pleasantly surprised by the hint of orange it provided. This is why orange-red lipstick is one of my spring obsessions. A different spin on a red lip is always welcome in my book and there’s definitely a version for every skin tone. Orange Red Lipstick 467x467 10 Days of Spring Obsessions: Day 9Click here for shopping info!

10 Days of Spring Obsessions: Day 8

Headbands: With so many hair accessory options there is no such thing as a bad hair day! I started wearing headbands on the days when I really didn’t have time (or feel like) doing my hair and loved them so much I probably wear one at least once a week. Repurpose a silk scarf as a headband or buy a few of these cute, inexpensive ones. Have fun with your hair! Headbands 467x467 10 Days of Spring Obsessions: Day 8Click here for shopping info!