Europe in Pics Part II: Paris

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Three out of our nine days in Europe were spent in Paris, France. This is certainly some place I’ve always dreamed of going and it did not disappoint. From the beautiful building and structures to the sidewalk cafes I loved every minute of it!  We were fortunate enough to be there on Bastille Day, France’s National Day, and we witnessed some amazing events. The fireworks at the Eiffel Tower were unlike anything I’ve ever seen before! Here’s our story in pictures.

Paris10 Europe in Pics Part II: Paris

The French Flag

Paris9 Europe in Pics Part II: Paris

The Parisian Metro

ParisTerrace Europe in Pics Part II: Paris

Some views from our hotel

ParisFood Europe in Pics Part II: Paris

My favorite things to eat/drink in Paris!

Paris19 Europe in Pics Part II: Paris

Paris18 e1406659113806 Europe in Pics Part II: ParisLet’s talk about the Eiffel Tower…

eiffel tower Europe in Pics Part II: Paris

Pictures can’t really describe the amazing beauty of this structure. So iconic, so phenomenal!


Europe in Pics Part I: Germany

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Let me start by saying that I am beyond thankful for this amazing travel experience! I spent 9 days traveling in Germany and Paris with my closest friends and it was such a delight! Our first 3 days and last 3 days were spent in various areas of Germany. We toured a castle in Heidelberg, watched the Germany win the World Cup, partook in the downtown life of Stuttgart and enjoyed a day of wine tasting and food at Lake Constance. Here’s our travel story in pictures.

Germany3 Europe in Pics Part I: Germany

The view from the castle in Heidelberg

Germany2 Europe in Pics Part I: Germany

Heidelberg Castle

Germany19 Europe in Pics Part I: Germany

Heidelberg Castle

Fab 5: This Week’s Freebies

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As most of you know, there’s always something fun happening in New York. In addition to something fun, there’s always something FREE happening in New York. So save that vacation money and hangout in the city with these free events.

Fashion on the Hudson Fab 5: This Weeks Freebies

Photo via

Fashion on the Hudson Six: A free fashion show on the Hudson…need I say more! Click here for info. Takes place on July 12.

City of Water Day Fab 5: This Weeks Freebies

Photo via

City of Water Day: Free boat tours, ferry rides and a festival are all a part of this event on July 12 taking place on Governor’s Island and Hoboken, NJ.

Babeland Events: This sexy boutique has quite a few free events this week including a night out with nail art specialists Vanity Projects. Click here for more info!

Highline Tours: The Highline offers a variety of tours including a star gazing tour for free! Click here for info.

Yoga: There’s free evening yoga everywhere in New York! 14th Street Park, Bryant Park, and Prospect Park to name a few.

Bryant Park Yoga 1 Fab 5: This Weeks Freebies

Photo via Guest of a Guest

Denim Done Differently

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There are very few things that symbolize Americana more than denim. Of course you have the American flag and apple pie but when it comes to American fashion, denim has been a long standing staple. I love denim and am really into the thriving denim trends but I rarely wear jeans, so I’ve been looking at denim differently and finding items that suit my closet. Take a look at some fun ways to incorporate new denim into your wardrobe! Denim Done Differently Denim Done Differently

1) Wear a jean shirt: Put one on with printed pants or a maxi skirt for a chic, laidback look.

2) Put on a jean dress: Add strappy animal print sandals and you’re out the door!

3) Revisit jean skirts: A denim pencil skirt with a white blouse is an instant classic.

4) Rock a jumpsuit or romper: I can’t get enough of jumpsuits and rompers

5) Shoes!: Incorporate a pop of denim into your outfit via fun shoes

Click here for shopping info

Denim1 Denim Done Differently

In my denim on denim look!


Styled to Inspire: Joy Adaeze

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JOY ADAEZE 01 ike ude1 1 Styled to Inspire: Joy AdaezeJoy Adaeze loves fashion…she tells you so on her award winning blog Joy Loves Fashion. She has also turned this love into a fruitful career full of image consulting, styling and blogging (She has 2 websites! Joy Loves Fashion and her newest venture CurlSistas).  Check out what she had to say about her career, personal style and trends.

What was your first experience with fashion that made you say “this is what I want to do”? My first experience that made me fall in love with fashion was when I designed a small collection for my university’s (Rutgers-New Brunswick) fashion show. That’s when I learned about fashion as a career.

What types of challenges did you face when getting started in the fashion industry and how did you overcome them? I wouldn’t say I had any particular challenges since I was always super hungry and always willing to work on any project. That really helps when you’re starting out because others see your passion and see that you are focused on your goal.

When dealing with your styling clients what’s one piece of advice you always give them? My biggest piece of advice to my clients is to dress for your unique personal style – that way you always feel confident. I help them hone in on their personal style with a fun questionnaire we do in the beginning of the styling process. You can learn more about that and my image consulting services here.

You’re a style risk taker, is there a trend that you haven’t tried yet that you would be willing to try? Thanks for the sweet compliment! I would love to try silk kimonos paired with short denim shorts. That would be awesome this Summer!

What’s your favorite place to get inexpensive clothing and accessories? I really love ASOS. I’ve blogged about tons of their clothes and accessories. They have a great eye for trends and stand-out pieces.

What trends are you looking forward to seeing this summer? I’m looking forward to seeing fun crop tops (like this one I wore on my blog)

Joy Adaeze 2 Styled to Inspire: Joy AdaezeThanks again Joy! Keep on styling to inspire!


WindowsWear Fashion Window Walking Tour

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Over the weekend I got the opportunity to take a tour that I’ve had on my “New York To-Do List” for a while. The WindowsWear Fashion Window Walking Tour covers the major department stores in Manhattan, the history of window displays and the ins and outs of how stores use these windows as marketing tools. We started at Macy’s and worked our way up to Lord & Taylor, Saks Fifth Avenue, Bergdorf Goodman and ended at Bloomingdale’s. (Btw, I stopped at the Sprinkles Cupcake ATM. It was the right thing to do after all of that walking!) Bret was an amazing tour guide and had plenty of interesting tidbits to share.

Windows1 WindowsWear Fashion Window Walking Tour

Macy’s was the pioneer, they were the first to put clothing in the store windows. It was used as a tool to show non-English speaking immigrants their products. Macy’s was also the first store to have an in-store Santa Claus (Hence “Miracle on 34th Street”).

A Walk in the Park…and on the Rooftop

central park 2 350x467 A Walk in the Park...and on the RooftopFriday was an amazing day to hang out in New York! A friend and I took full advantage of this by visiting the Metropolitan Museum of Art to see the Charles James: Beyond Fashion Exhibit. But not before we took a quick detour through Central Park!

Charles James 1 622x467 A Walk in the Park...and on the Rooftop

The Charles James exhibit is held in two places throughout the museum, one of them being the new Anna Wintour Costume Center. This exhibition focuses on the couturier and his technical approach to designing clothing and ball gowns.  With technologically advanced displays, the exhibit explores James’ mind-blowing construction and execution.